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1. Come to class prepared and on time.
Students must have a pencil and their notebooks should remain in the appropriate bin.
2. Begin work promptly and stay on task.
Students have one semester (two quarters)to complete several very involved computer lab problems. Students who fall behind in class due to failure to stay on task will not be provided with extra time. Students who are behind on class work due to absence or who are going above and beyond will be given extensions.
3. Respect others and their work.
Students who are not considerate towards others or their work will be removed from class until their behavior is more appropriate.
4. Respect the computers and other lab technology equipment.
Students who fail to follow instructions or who are wasteful will not be allowed to continue with their work until the teacher has discussed the students behavior with the student and their parent/guardian. Unauthorized color prints cost $1.
5. Pay attention; remain seated.
Students who fail to exhibit appropriate classroom behavior during demonstrations or discussions will be serving lunch detention after the third reminder.
6. Clean up promplty and efficiently.
All students are expected to help maintain the lab by cleaning up after themselves. No food allowed in the lab.