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Ms. Kokes is happy to be at Hoover Middle School,
and can't wait to show off her web page.
It's about her favorite things.

Of course, no Kokes web page would be complete
without the inclusion of Gus,

This is our personal source code for
"The Best Fluffy Corgi in the World."

Look into these headlamps, and you'll see what we mean:

How did we get so lucky?

He's over nine (63+ in human years) and his skin kid sisters
are currently seventeen & nearly fourteen.

They would not like being after the fur kid. Let's avoid telling them.

This is Elly in Africa. What a great adventure! Ask her about it (she went with a purpose).
Philippians 2:10-12
This is Gwen in front of Lombard Street (nickname: "The Crookedest Street in the World").

She experienced an earthquake during a brief moment of
complaining while in beautiful Point Reyes Station,
a short drive north of the city.
Hold the phone, Gwen's in S.F., CA! Gwen insists there be more two-legger photos. dressed to go clubbin' Manor CC

Hey Gwen, where's your HELMET??!! Tony Hawk wishes he was my Dad.

Orange for CLEMSON!
ROYGBIV rainbow formation heading to Prom.

Hey, HonóBawlmer for the '06 holidays!

I think it's safe to show more photos of Gus now.

He has long fur and no tail, short legs but upright ears and a hula skirt:
Ruining toys that don't belong to him.
Sometimes it's hard to tell which end is which.

My daughters don't think this is a good picture of us.
Sorry. This might gross you out, but it's his birthday party:
Kiss for a carrot... cute from all sides
Mom thinks I'm a turtle. (Funny. From here, she looks like a giraffe.)

It's tough to do snow taller than you. Thanks for helping out, girls!

h.r. development

Hey! I know what you're thinking; Mom doesn't take pictures of me doing...that! I'm supervising.

Here is a good example of his butt fur, swept to the side;
he learned this from Crystal Gayle, the Shania Twain of the 70s.
(Which one of my students asked me if this was my sister!?)
He is also giving you a head tilt, meaning you have his full attention.
hula skirts can be braided Apologies, M'am.
("Did you say, 'cookie?' ")

In memory of Diane G., Champion Corgi-lover.

Like cute sites? Try this...   and this.
Be warned, there is a picture of corgi puppies that will make you dizzy with their charm.

Here's Gus doing a damp yet dainty "yo yo yo" lean wit it.
(translates to "paw" in Philadelphian).

His red-eye needs to be 'Shopped; we'll get to it soon. Nothing you can do about wet dog smell, though.

Did you say the house was burning down and
the children were hungry? Sorry.

Interested in the class code of conduct?   daily classwork?
Lookóit's the perfect music to accompany this page. Who doesn't love Weird Al?You know which clip to click (the first one!).
White and Nerdy "home page for my dog"

"The saints are the sinners who keep on trying."
Robert Louis Stevenson