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welcome to Animation & Web 1 sem q 1   My name is Ms. Kokes.

Did you know that the Computer Lab is open for everybody in the morning on Tuesdays (7a.m.-7:45) and for 8th grade lunch on Thursdays?

You will need a dedicated journal that stays in the classroom for Web Design, Animation and Digital Art, used for notes, sketches & summarizers. Permission forms are on the same paper as the first homework. It must be signed before a student logs in to a computer in Lab.
An unexcused absence is explained in your student handbook. If you have an unexcused absence, find a student who takes great notes. Parents: There is no paper handout that covers teacher demonstrations of applications that are often exclusive to Computer Lab 206. Please be aware of this when taking your student out for an unexcused absence.


HAND IN YOUR WORK! That habit is a grade wrecker!
New Year! Monday, August 29th

Web Design:

Journal Tips
Choose a comfortable size, not too small; with enough pages to last the semester (one to two pages per day).
Date your entries to keep track.
Use your journal to jot down ideas, inspiration, or new information.
Critique your work. When you analyze, try to find out what you’ve learned (not necessarily whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’) so you can take your work to the next level.
Keep track of the new computer applications you’ve used. How did you create your work?
Answer all warm-ups, tasks and summarizers. Make sure your journal is complete.

Kids speak: Why Take Animation?

What does it mean to be an artist?
What is it to be an Artist?
To be open to inspiration;
To find beauty in the worst places
and in the hearts of others;
To be humble
and yet inspiring;
To never repeat the example
and become the example.
To be intelligent and wise;
To be a diligent worker
and a well-educated student;
To be a listener and a speaker;
To be the seed planter and the flower,
To have spoken to someone without words
and be the inventor and the factory;
To be the most aware of their surroundings;
to be the least judgemental;
yet be the most judged.
This is what it means to be an artist.

by Gwen Kokes, age 16.

"behind the wheel" using your favorite automobile, zoom away using vector tools, work on your profile and drop in the front seat. Look at some great samples. Charger!
Justin talking!
Great results from the Step-by-step assignment: thirsty for Lemonade? Would a turkey sandwich go with that?
Wu art: "what happened to my homework!"

Look what happens when you dress questionably:

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Web Design

Inspired by design, writing, computers and art? In this class students will successfully create Web pages using html to organize the design of the page. Enhance your work using multi-media authoring and a variety of graphics—photography, animation and artwork—using the most recent versions and techniques of Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Photoshop. Creative writing is combined with many of the projects. A class for all digital thinkers, with an introduction to ethics while evaluating popular internet tools. Become WWW savvy by uploading and managing your sites. Familiarity with the computer (typing and file management) is helpful.

Introduction to Animation

combines the planning of the illusion of movement…
with telling an original story, while…
developing art and sound skills. Students will explore the ‘moving’ side of art by creating their own drawn short cartoons and managing their characters in the applications Flash, Photoshop and Fireworks. Your ideas will turn storyboards into shockwave format movies, gifs and be WWW-ready. The history of animation and motion pictures is used in the course. Familiarity with the computer (typing and file management) is helpful. See awesome examples on Hoover’s web site: talking students, driving cars, illustrated lyrics.

Digital Art

Artists will create, alter and design for specific audiences and in different mediums (printed or computer screen display). This course provides a working knowledge of digital image creation in Photoshop (a raster-based program), Painter 9, Fireworks (vector-based) and other up-to-date applications. Students apply aesthetic judgments about personal work and the work of others. Traditional art skills are developed such as drawing, design and painting (just less messy!), making this art elective a natural choice for digital learners. Familiarity with the computer (typing and file management) is helpful.