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Why Take Animation?


“It’s fun to express your creativity.” Collin M.
“Take animation because you learn new things and it can be fun, and allows you to use your creativity, and express yourself. Victoria U.
“I like animation because I really love to work with computers, ever since I was little.  I took web design last year and it was very fun and I learned a lot. In animation, I learned how to animate things, and it was very cool, fun, and educative. I really enjoy coming to this class." Tvara P.
“I enjoy taking animation because I express my feelings and when I finish I feel good about myself. Also, at first it may be hard but you may see if you like it and can take you somewhere in life.” Sara Z.
“This class allows you to express yourself and it lets you use your imagination. It’t helped me draw.” Reena J.


“Because you can be as creative as you want.” Eric R.

“Animation lets you express yourself and be creative. Also it’s going to help you in the future…everybody should have a choice…this allows kids to express themselves.” Michelle Y.

“I like animation because it allows me to be creative without having to know how to draw very well. It also teaches kids how to learn about computers in a fun, creative way. We can draw stuff for others and go on websites that inspire us and it helps us make more unique/creative/colorful work to make it more special. Animation is awesome!” Kristina H.
“I like animation because even though it is difficult at first, you will learn new cool things, then it becomes really fun and enjoyable. Also it allows you to be unique and create a variety of stuff.”  Eleni B.
“Animation is great, I love to do it, and it is really fun. (If we are kids of the future, why are they taking the future from us by taking our creativity away?)” Kelly W.
“At first I didn’t like animation because the program was hard and I never picked it. Now, I’ve learned how to use Flash and it’s fun to draw and see you’re able to animate things into your life.” Melissa V.
“I like animation because most of us will never be able to learn the programs and it is a good experience.” Daniel D.
“We get a break from school, which is fair because all the school builds stress. We have more options on what we want to do and it’s very unique.” Jina R.
“I think animation should stay because kids need options; we don’t know what we want to do, so we must explore!” Regan T.
“Animation is fun because it really lets me bring my ideas to life. I can express myself and let things I think about come out in my work. It’s the only class where I can use my creativity to its full extent.” Sahil S.
“Animation is fun/cool because we get to be very creative, we learn to do a lot of new things, use a lot of new programs on the computer…animation can help… in high school.” Annie L.
Animation is fun and you can create and express your imagination. Mrs. Kokes is an expert about animation and makes the applications and class very fun. If you try it you will love it.” Katie G.
“Animation is so fun. It does take a while to learn, but once you get it you cannot stay off of it.” Ry A.
“Why is animation fun? Because you learn interesting programs and become a junior animator."  Ben E.
“Animation is fun and challenging. Mrs. Kokes is the best teacher and encourages us to try our best with whatever we do. Animation is so much fun because it is a combination of brains, art, architecture, and ‘skills!’ Try animation because you will love it!” Elina K.

"It's important to express your creativity; a very fun class. Where doodling and daydreaming are encouraged." Drew G.
“Animation is very fun! You learn a lot while using a computer. Also, you can use your imagination.” Max A.
“Animation is creative. It gives you a detailed view on life.” Evan R.
“Computer animation is a great class because it teaches you how to be more observant of life and life’s details. People rush by in life and don’t take the time to observe little things and details and put time into the little details, because that’s the difference between good and great.” Marti W.
“It gives people a happy, sad, or any other feeling that you can’t get from just talking.” Panos N.
“It lets you be mentally productive and you can use all your creativity.” Greg D.
“It is a lot of fun and gives the students the ability to do anything.” Jacob A.
“It’s a fun class. Where you learn things that you normally wouldn’t in school.”
“This class is full of awesome sauce! You can express yourself. The stuff you learn is very useful. You can get better at your art and computer skillz. You can create your own cartoons and sketches. Mrs. Kokes is amazing! You’ll have fun…IN SCHOOL!” Dildeep H.
“You should take animation because you can expand the use of technology, even if you think you’re good at computers.” Tom S.
“You expand your creativity and imagination once you get good at using Flash. It is so fun and you get to turn paper drawing into animation.” Leah Z
“It gives you a creative perspective and it helps you understand cartoons better. It is a really fun way to use computers.” Ximena T.
“In animation when I am working I feel good when I finish.” Jake G.
“The class is fun, u learn a lot! And the teacher is gr8 and easy to understand.” Kyle S.
“You can use your imagination to express yourself with your ideas.” Jonathan C.
“Animation lets you express yourself and helps you understand more…” Lyster P.
Although animation is confusing and difficult in the beginning, after you get through the struggles it’s amazing how much you learn and enjoy it.” Jessie G.
“Making animation is a lesson that tells someone your feelings without using words. It is very hard but when you get used to it, it is very fun.” Momoka M.
“I’m really glad I took animation because it gives me a chance to express my creativity and it’s really fun! Also, I would have never thought I could make such cool things.” Julia McD.
“Allows you to appreciate more of the simple things in life.”
“I’m glad that I’m in this class because it’s a lot of fun and also I love art. Animation makes me better in art.” Melissa DeU.
“1.) You can make things funny 2.) Be creative 3.) Make things fly around …” Cole L.
“Animation is fun. Just fun, period.”
Michael M.
“Why take art when there is animation? Animation is art but taking it to the second step and making it move. Also, Mrs. Kokes is great and will teach you really cool applications that can really be used in the future. I just love animation and it makes me feel proud.” Isabella N-D

“It’s fun to see all the amazing ideas, and things you can come up with using the applications available. This is my favorite class.” Cory T.